You have to make choices or life will make choices for you.

In order to have more, you have to learn more.

The Rogers Group International (aka Rogers and Company) Chicago, Ill/Houston, Texas/Nashville, Tennessee) was founded in 2006 as a consulting company specializing educational, professional and personal empowerment through teaching, seminars, consulting and applied behavioral analysis strategies/techniques to help individuals discover, discipline and determine their skills set, personal/professional development and success in life.

Eric Rogers, Ph.D,, CEO/Founder is a 36 year veteran professor, educational consultant, counselor-educator, public and motivational speaker, story teller and world traveler. A Harvard graduate, 6x "Teacher of the Year" recipient, author of 9 books, and former counseling therapist and federal office with the U.S. Department of Justice, Dr. Rogers provides workshops, seminars, lectures, group presentations and individual life coaching consultation sessions for empowerment in the U.S and throughout the Caribbean Islands, Japan, China, France, England, and Canada.  

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Failure Is Not An Option!

People either make you rich or people make you poor.

From Harvard to Heaven: How To Live Your Life Dreams and Purpose

Eric Rogers, Ph.D.